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Rescue: August 2016

Diagnosis: Infection on the Genitals, Pelvis Fracture, Malnutrition, Skin Disease

Susu before
Susu before 3
Susu before 2


Due to a lack of space, we had to move to a new house. Susu and his brother Madu (Indonesian meaning Milk and Honey) were on the streets near our new home. They were anxious and ill. To gain their trust we have been feeding them.

One day, Susu appeared at our doorstep. He was weak and had a life-threatening high fever (41.2 degrees). But his brother Madu was nowhere to be seen, until we finally found him three months later (see 'Madu's Story').


With the help of veterinary treatment, Susu has recovered quite well. But there remained those pangs of terrible pain now and then. Further check-ups and x-ray also didn't help to figure out where they came from. It has been despairing. Until that day, when an animal telepath, Franziska Amherd, got in touch with Susu. Animals are able to communicate and connect on another level. And so did Susu open up to Franziska. He could direct her to the cause of his pain. Again we x-rayed, but this time we knew the location on his body and in what angle the x-ray had to be done. Susu had a pelvis fracture, just next to his spine / sacrum. This fracture was so 'clean' that it has barely been recognized as such. One could not notice anything from his appearance though, as Susu did not limp and in addition has been very playful and bouncy with other dogs. But then, always when he was resting, the pain shooted into his body. Due to constant activity, the fracture could not heal and Susu had an inflammation. Thanks to the proper diagnosis he could have finally been treated accordingly.

Today, Susu is fully recovered. He has a very affectionate character and his dense furry coat is soft and shinny.

The brothers Susu and Madu found a loving home in February 2018. We are so happy that they could stay together. We wish them a long happy life with many new friends and adventures to come.

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