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Rescue: August 2017

Diagnosis: Chronic Pneumonia, Malnutrition, Water in the Stomach, Poor Liver Function, Worms

Lina after


​​​​Lina has been found on the side of a road. She has been very anxious. Actually we just wanted her to become part of our street feeding program, but when we noticed that this little girl was actually seriously ill and could barely breath, we took her with us. Check-ups at the veterinary clinic have shown that she had far more sufferings then we thought. The pneumonia has been that bad, that she couldn't breath properly when lying down. It litterarly did cut hear breath off. Lina was tired and exhausted from not being able to catch on some sleep. 


The liver function test has shown a poor function and her body was heavily attacked by worms. It didn't feel right, to give this poor soul with malfunctioning liver, chemical medication. In search of alternative medicine, we came across Colloidal Silver. A true wonder remedy from mother nature.


Lina received 5 sips of Colloidal Silver a day. To our surprise the transformation was amazing and a speedy one too. After the first day (!) with this natural remedy, the bad cough was completely gone. In the following days and weeks the abdomen inflated by the water it contained, shrank. With the next liver function test, the result was within the normal range. No more worms or even eggs could have been diagnosed in the following blood test. And her coat became dense and shimmering white.


After only three months Lina was fully recovered and could get vaccinated and sterilized. Lina enjoys her new life to the fullest. Finally she can move, play and lie down without gasping for air.

In December 2017 Lina has been adopted by a loving couple and their Bali dog Putih. We wish her a happy life with lots of new friends and adventures.

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