How it started...

Eliane Wild visited Bali for the first time in spring 2013. It was only meant to be a one year break before returning back to work in Switzerland as a specialist in human resources.

However, she could not turn a blind eye on the immense suffering of animals in Bali. Shortly after having arrived on the tropical island, she started to care for and feed stray dogs. Soon after she adopted, well picked some up, off the streets. Soon it became clear that this project would need to be extended beyond the time she had intended to stay. Since then, Eliane has made Bali her home and is helping as many stray dogs and cats as possible.

Eliane is a solo rescuer. With the activity and help for the animals over the years, the project developed and with it successful cooperations with other solo rescuer, animal welfare organizations and volunteers. Because we believe: Together we are able to achieve more!

Our activities and projects today:

  • picking up sick, starved and young animals while providing a protected environment for them to recover (until we found them loving adopter)

  • daily we feed and treat numerous street animals

  • we sterilize up to a 100 animals on a monthly base

  • we integrate the local community in our projects and educate them about the relationship between human and animals

  • we support local families who can't afford the treatments for their fur family members

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